Proud to be recognized as the
original and most innovative
Veterinary IT company.


A powerful paperless backup system
from a company you can trust.



Get your toner and supplies
with us and get the best prices
delivered right to your door.


We make it easier for your veterinary hospital to care for its clients.

Quality, clarity, attention to detail, ease-of-use, and prompt service are at the core of everything we do for the veterinary industry. If you run your hospital on a computer, then you need us.

pute Veterinary IT Service IT service gives you peace-of-mind when it comes to running your hospital. We're only a phone call away if you ever need us and you can worry about being a veterinarian instead of a computer genius.

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VetShield Hospital Security

You keep your hospital clean from bugs and contagions, we do the same for your computers and networks. Our advanced system looks at everything that enters your hospital digitally and blocks anything trying to attack your system or get sensitive information.

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9vault Paperless Backup

Keep your records and other hospital materials safe from natural disasters and catastrophes with our online backup system designed just for veterinarians. We setup a system in your hospital that stores your data and then sends it to several off-site locations for safe keeping.

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Hellow Yellow Website Solutions and Hellow Yellow team up to bring you whole website solutions to help get the word out about your hospital online. Some of our services include online and social media marketing, web design, brand creation and app development. The best part is you get to deal with the same people you know and trust for your IT services already.

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How Did You Celebrate National Dog Day?

This past week, (on Wednesday, August 26th, to be precise) you may have noticed your social media feeds filling up with cute photos of all your friends’ canine companions.  We can’t speak for everyone, but in our opinion, it was a very welcome change. We think that adorable pet photos will brighten anyone’s day, and […]

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