Bottom to Top Veterinary Consulting

With our veterinary specific specialized staff and vast number of industry resources, can help you build and grow your business. Whether you are a young veterinarian waiting for the ink to dry on your diploma or an established DVM interested in buying or building a practice of your own we can help you with your dreams.


Here are some of business items we’re well suited for:

  • From the bottom, if you plan on building a new practice, we can assist in researching key locations. Once a parcel of land has been selected, we can then proceed to plan and build the structure.
  • An existing practice will need to evolve and upgrade infrastructure over time to remain current with new technology and medicine practice techniques. We are your liaison that works along side of you when dealing with “sales people”. Every sales person’s product is the best thing since the telephone. With your business in mind, we sit along side of you and filter through the sales pitch to tell you what’s real and what’s fluff.
  • Is your business struggling financially? Our highly experienced veterinary financial advisors will be able to work with you to put together a strategic plan that will get the most out of your business. Not only will your business thrive, it will be stronger for the pets you care for, the primary reason you pursued the occupation.
  • Are you frustrated with your practice management software? Have you considered a change or just generally frustrated you can’t generate the information you need? Our software personnel are second to NONE! Our training techniques will help your staff maintain accurate inventory numbers as well as assist management in generating reports needed to effectively and efficiently run a business of veterinary medicine.

To sum these examples up, here at our team realized the true help needed within this industry. While other companies made the mad dash to pursue IT & Consulting needs in the human medicine arena, we felt that the needs of those who care for forgotten loved ones, like my rescue Saphire, were being left out. So we decided to structure our business model as such that we can help you in every step of the way from build out through maintenance and support all the way to top, retirement!