History of pute! Veterinary IT Services

How did we get here?

With amazing clients, thats how! We would like to thank all of our clients for the faith and belief in what we are accomplishing for the veterinary IT industry. Information technology (IT) has been a bad word for the industry for too long. We started pute! back in 2004 to “clean up this town”. I believe we are succeeding. And it is to you that we toast.

pute veterinary IT logo

 2003 – 2004

pute! was founded by Gary Dobkin in 2003 and was made better by the addition of partner Jason Collins in 2004.

pute veterinary IT logo


pute! has since then given birth to several other products. In 2010 we re-branded as pute.us to cover all of our new veterinary IT services keeping the core of what we do best… great customer service.

Hellow Yellow Web Design Logo


In 2011 pute! joined forces with Sam and Christina Knapp to form Hellow Yellow. Using their art talents combined with the pute! fundamentals of great customer service and monthly memberships Hellow Yellow is setting the precedent for creative agencies everywhere.