VetShield Hospital Security

Standing guard over your hospital’s internet.

30,000 new malware programs were discovered last year – per day. Social networking sites (facebook, twitter, e.g.) are increasingly targeted. Approximately 1 in 150 websites are compromised. New breeds of infections, such as ransomware and scareware, are on the rise. So how do you protect your and your clients’ sensitive information? Your hospital security is our job.

VetShield is the essential comprehensive security solution for veterinary practices. Using a unique combination of software, hardware, and web-based systems, VetShield keeps your data safe from exploitation through the use of several layers of protection.

Anti-virus and anti-malware programs remove any infections that may currently reside on your system and provide scheduled machine and network scanning. Individually configured security appliances sift through the information entering you practice from the internet, acting as gatekeepers to prevent malicious code from gaining access to your network. Website blocking – through blacklists, whitelists, individual domains, or categories – ensures that your staff spends their time productively and neither open your network to attack nor unwittingly share sensitive information with the world at large.

What’s in VetShield

  • Web Content Filtering
    Cloud-based, award-winning Web content filtering from OpenDNS with more than 50 categories of content. No appliance necessary. Effective against proxies, P2P, Web 2.0, adult and more.
  • PhishTank Anti-Phishing
    Industry-leading anti-phishing powered by PhishTank, the most authoritative source of phishing data on the Internet. Protects your network, organization and its employees from fraudulent phishing scams.
  • Malware Site Protection / Botnet Protection
    DNS layer security protects the most vulnerable level of your network against the latest threats, including viruses, worms and zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Whitelist / Blacklist
    Lets you decide where your users can navigate on your customized Internet. Whitelist-only functionality available.