9vault Paperless Backup

9Vault Paperless Backup service of pute!

9vault! is the multi-layered paperless backup solution for protecting your clinic’s important information. Client and patient records, digital imaging, documents, and whatever else you need to get you back up and running after a system failure, natural disaster, or other catastrophe.

Using a customizable system specifically designed for veterinarians, 9vault! offers fully automated local and offsite paperless data backup. No more burning cd’s, no more having to remember to pop in a new tape.

It’s scalable, meaning your increasing data needs will be matched every step of the way. Unlike some companies, we never delete your records in the interest of saving space, or because they are “too old”. With 9Vault! you can rest assured your data – all of it – will be there when you need it most.

How it works

9Vault Paperless Backup service of pute!

You store your files and data on your network. Your data is then copied in its original format – no compression, no conversion, no worrying about data corruption. Just your clinic’s vital records, in their original state.

9Vault Paperless Backup service of pute!

Using code written by 9vault! your data is backed up to a local collection of hard drives configured in a RAID architecture. RAID arrays allow for fault tolerance, meaning a hard disc failure does not destroy your data, unlike a single-disc backup.

9Vault Paperless Backup service of pute!

Your data is also sent offsite to one of several locations around the globe (such as Denver, Tokyo, and Zurich) providing protection against unforeseen natural disasters, a concept known as georedundacy.

Your data is sent and stored securely, using the same protections as those employed by the banking and credit card industries.We take our paperless backup seriously, your data is worth it.

Multiple backups, multiple drives, multiple locations. Some people might call this overkill. We call it peace-of-mind. Purchase Today!