On-site Tech Support

Even the most advanced computer systems need to tech support. Our expert technicians work as quietly and quickly as possible to keep your business moving. We’re available on an on-call, special project, or contract basis so you only pay for what you need, yet we’re still available as your business grows. That makes pute! an economical solution for Tampa Bay veterinary clinics.

Remote Support

pute! can address issues remotely. That means we can quickly log into your computer or server to see exactly what you see and fix the problem. And, of course, we’re also available for on-site support.

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Customer Support

pute! customers can monitor current and past support tickets. This means you can keep up with any ongoing problems, or see if there are any recurring problems with your hospital, which we hope there isn’t.

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Our Technician Managers



pute! Jason Collins

Jason Collins

Jason is a self taught computer guru with 15 years of experience in the IT industry. He worked his way up in a number of corporate businesses by delivering a wide range of top notch IT services with a special focus on client satisfaction. Jason ensures that he remains on the cutting edge of technology by reviewing a number of credible resources for a wide range of hardware, software, networking concerns, security, etc., so that he is able to offer a variety of creative and cost effective solutions depending on the business needs. Quality service and your satisfaction is always his number one priority.

Mike Beaulieu

Mike is the bomb and he has two super cute cats that like pute.us conference calls. He manages the team and daily projects, along with customer support and client relations. Mike picks up the slack where ever it may be, whether it’s in the office or out in the field. With this much ambition it’s no wonder we can’t function without him.