Kristin Levine

We have loved Pute from the beginning. We too had a less than ideal situation with our IT group previous to Pute so we can relate to that frustration. We found Pute and made the switch at a point of desperation and never looked back! We have an onsite server that they manage and it works well for us. We don’t have any issues with down time and the very few times we’ve had storm-related complications, Pute has been quick to respond to our needs. This is extremely valuable to me because I am typically the person putting out these kinds of fires. I know most of their technicians very well (since we chat so much) and often get to meet with/speak to their managers when they are in town. They are the type of people that like to just “check in” and make sure things are going well for us. We have recently discussed adding more technology/hardware to our practice and they are very thorough when it comes to explaining pros and cons from start to finish. Most importantly to us, they explain how things can work best in OUR hospital in a language that we can understand. There is no cookie cutter feel but rather a personalized approach to what is best in our growing practice. I would be happy to discuss more details or questions that you might have if you want to email or call anytime. I love talking about this group because I know much of their business comes from recommendation.


I love working with Pute. They are always helpful and I kind when i need help.

The Cat Doctors

Our company has used Pute for years. On the rare occasion that we experience technical difficulty, the issue is resolved before we know it. They are always available and they even walk us through problem solving steps over the phone. All of their technicians are courteous, knowledgeable, and very professional.

Andrea Gordon-Day

I am most appreciative of the exceptional service, you, and everyone else at Pute provides consistently! It is VERY difficult to find an organization with this level of dedication, commitment and integrity, and most of all, willing to assist with anything we ask for. You guys always go above and beyond! My requests often fall outside of the usual network/hardware issues. The gift of your talent, skills and expertise knowledge, is comforting, and we know we may rely on you for some of the distressing Cornerstone stuff, especially when we can’t rely on Idexx. I am very happy to be doing business with the Pute team!


Having worked in a few different veterinary facilities in the Tampa Bay area, I have to say that working with Pute as a computer and Cornerstone support system has been such a breath of fresh air. I am not the most computer savvy individual, but no matter what time I have called or what issue needs to be addressed they are always on top of it and so extremely patient with my inquiries or concerns and their turnover time for fixing any bugs is impeccable. I highly recommend this company!