As an AAHA Member Values Program approved provider, contact us and explore how we can help save your small business money.

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In the veterinary industry, technology tends to get left behind. will improve your current technology infrastructure, as well as guide and consult you on implementing new technologies that suit your personal business needs. Contact us to find out how we can help you maintain the highest level of standards that AAHA hospitals strive for.

    membership services

    We will audit your technology bills and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

    Our staff will take the burden of extended calls waiting for support away from your staff

    printer program

    Never purchase a printer or printer parts again with our printer program

    Unify all of your printers in the building to streamline toner supply and toner costs

    Never run out of toner again with our toner stock management assistance

  • telephony program

    Upgrade your phone system with no upfront costs

    Make any change to your phone system at any time with no additional costs

    Regular system updates with the telephony program to ensure your system always stays current.

AAHA members that decide to utilize our managed services will be rewarded with their first month of service
absolutely free.

With programs, financial business planning becomes less stressful. You’ll be able to count on costs that do not fluctuate due to hidden or surprise fees. You will also get a family that is dedicated to making a difference in the veterinary community. Our culture is driven to help you continue performing your great magic and not worry about the daily changing tech world. It has to be magic right? Fluffy can’t tell you where it hurts, but somehow, someway you just know…

Truly amazing!