Consider your hospital's needs catered to, regardless of its size.
Our veterinary IT services encompass computer, server, phone, and printer support, streamlined backup solutions, and comprehensive hospital security.
Let us manage your IT essentials so you can prioritize your team, clients, and patients over tech concerns.


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Caregivers stand at the heart of the veterinary industry and of
Just as we cherish our own families, we at view and treat our team as an extended family.
Choosing to work closely with us means becoming a part of this familial bond.
After all, when you spend as much time with us as you do with your loved ones, it's only natural to feel like family!


Chief Executive Officer

Jason C.

Meet Jason: he is an experienced end user with 26 years of work in the IT industry. He worked his way up the ranks in several corporate businesses. Throughout the years Jason delivered a wide range of top-notch IT services with a laser focus on memorable customer service foremost and paramount to his daily approach. He works enthusiastically to ensure that is a company on the cutting edge of technology. This enables the Team to offer the most creative and cost effective solutions for your business needs. Even if his beloved Chicago Bears routinely fail to deliver him joy, he can at least be provided the daily joy of working alongside his family!

Chief Operating Officer

Mike B.

Mike is the bomb and he has two super cute cats that like conference calls. He manages the team and daily projects, along with customer support and client relations. Mike picks up the slack wherever it may be, whether it’s in the office or out in the field. With this much ambition it’s no wonder we can’t function without him.

VP. Business Operations

Mike W.

Mike W. comes from the corporate world with lots (& lots....) of experience with dreaded Excel documents. Mike can often be found project-managing tasks, re-prioritizing objectives, & implementing policies/procedures to better the quality of operations. With 2 dogs, 1 cat, & 5 fish tanks, he is no stranger to animals. We are not sure yet but he MIGHT just have an aquarium addiction.

Dir. Finance

Kevin A.

Kevin A. is joining the team after 7 years in the corporate accounting world. These days he is “The Money Guy” and can be found financial planning/ analysis, auditing incoming and outgoing invoices, processing payroll, as well as ad hoc profitability and financial stress testing. He is the proud papa of 3 fur babies (1 dog and 2 cats) and is looking forward to helping Pute and our clients succeed.

Dir. Business Development & Consulting

Jen J.

“I am Serious and Don’t Call Me Shirley.”

Dir. InfoSec/Operational Efficiency

Chris B.

Chris has been in the IT industry for over 23 years and loves animals, so was a perfect match! He has two Siamese cats and two Papillon dogs. Thanks to the dogs, he's safe from anyone who happens to ring his doorbell.

Dir. Onboarding & Project Management

Beth C.

Beth has been with us since 2014 and now manages our office, ensuring everything is being completed in a timely and efficient manner. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. More importantly, she houses a small zoo within her home consisting of, but not limited to, 6 dogs, 3 cats, 2 turtles, a gecko, and an African Grey bird! Needless to say, working closely with veterinary hospitals makes each of her days perfectly splendid!

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Windy B.

Windy is over the moon excited to be able to combine her work experience in the veterinary field and accounting into one amazing job all while her two weenie dog sidekicks are at her feet! Windy and her husband put family first and in their free time can be found supporting their son's ice hockey and daughter's computer gaming animation ambitions.

Onboarding/Acquisitions Specialist

Paula M.

Paula joined the team after an 18-year career in Veterinary Management, having worked as a Practice Manger and Hospital Administrator, and having been a long-time managed services member herself. A previous member of the VHMA and VMG, Paula has also worked as a practice management consultant, helping other veterinary hospitals reach their full potential. In her role as Strategic Account Manager, Paula helps our members fully utilize and optimize their managed services benefits, assisting with project management and communications, and providing consultation services.

Knowledge Base Admin

Alex R.

"For, while the tale of how we suffer, and how we are delighted, and how we may triumph is never new, it always must be heard. There isn't any other tale to tell, it's the only light we've got in all this darkness."

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Executive Key Accounts Manager

Jaime E.

Jaime is our Executive Key Accounts Manager. She joins the Pute team with over 20 years of veterinary technician and practice management experience. She enjoys building relationships and supporting your team. On her spare time, Jaime loves being outside, scenic amateur photography, and spending time with her family, friends, and animals. Fun Facts: Jaime will randomly break out in song, loves the movie Elf and enjoys a great belly laugh!

Remote Support

Supv. Remote Support

Monya G.

After serving in the veterinary profession for over 14 years, I am excited to join the pute family and help to make a difference.

Making a Difference
An old man walked up a shore littered with thousands of starfish, beached and dying after a storm. A young man was picking them up and flinging them back into the ocean. "Why do you bother?" the old man scoffed. "You're not saving enough to make a difference." The young man picked up another starfish and sent it spinning back to the water. "Made a difference to that one," he said.

Senior Technical Specialist

Jessica T.

Jessica joined in 2013 coming from a background in veterinary practice management software support. With 15 years of experience in veterinary IT support, her favorite part about being in this industry is finding the solution to all types of issues. From the small quick fixes to complex database issues, the best part of her day is getting to say, "Yes, we can fix that for you."  In her off hours, Jessica enjoys sandbox video games and knitting and has an ever-growing collection of hand-knit socks to keep warm during the cold Wisconsin winters.

Senior Technical Specialist

William C.

William has been with for 6 years, but was a veterinary technician for a decade prior to that. While he enjoyed working with animals, he felt his calling was pulling him to do something to help the industry as a whole. He combined this calling and knowledge of veterinary technology in his role as a remote technician for, and now leads a team of remote technicians who all feel the same calling to help the industry. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his two children, wife, two dogs, two cats, guinea pig, and chickens. He also enjoys gardening and experimenting with his homebrew kombucha and homebrew beer.

Remote Support Lead

Darby H.

Darby's love for animals led her to working retail in pet stores during college, which then led her to the Veterinary Industry. She spent 8 years in Veterinary clinics and worked her way up to Assistant Practice Manager, but always had an interest in technology. This interest led her to head back to school where she has recently finished a second Bachelor's degree in Information Technology in 2021. She found the family in June of 2018 where she couldn't be happier. Darby has two trusty sidekicks always ready to help, Sprocket and Harbour, a Doberman and Boston Terrier. When not assisting clients, she can be found enjoying time boating and fishing with her husband.

Remote Support Technician

Chris G.

Chris has always had an interest in technology and coupled with 9 years of general practice experience as a veterinary technician, he has felt right at home with since June 2019. He is always eager to help with your computer needs with his trusty sidekick cat, Bo! When he is not fulfilling technical calls, Chris enjoys raising his two children, Isaac & Emma, alongside his wonderful wife, Anna. You can find him playing video games, watching movies, shooting basketball, or playing “Super Heroes” with his family!

Remote Support Technician

Dan W.

Dan has been with since Feb 2020 but has a lifetime of experience with technology and 15 years of experience working in the Veterinary field. Dan has been building computers and exploring new technology since a teenager and enjoys learning about new-and-improved software and devices. In his free time, he prefers to be outdoors by biking, hiking and gardening. Additionally, he enjoys being social by chatting on Discord or playing tabletop games with good friends. Dan has a passion for building relationships and providing excellent customer service and is driven to do exactly that for each and every member of the community!

Remote Support Technician

Jacari T.

As an ardent animal lover, tech enthusiast, and competitively natured gamer - I spend a significant portion of my time at home and on the computer. I have owned and taken care of a variety of pets throughout my life and truly believe that all pets deserve nothing but the best from us. After becoming seriously interested in the Information Technology field in my teens; I followed that path through my education and into my professional career. I am always open to expanding my knowledge and experience in the industry and hope to continue doing so. When not on the computer, I enjoy spending free time with friends and family: whether that be holiday get-togethers, traveling, or taking on new experiences like hiking, diving, and jet skiing.

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Remote Support Technician

Justin B.

Justin is a navy veteran that started in the veterinary field as an assistant 15 years ago. He later became an Emergency technician and then moved on to Internal Medicine/Oncology and Specialty Surgery. He has a 15-year-old daughter named Laurel who has autism and is mostly non-verbal but making progress all the time. Laurel is very social and loves parties and meeting new people. Justin spends his free time cooking, playing PC games with friends including League of Legends and Baldur's Gate 3 recently. The rest of the time his daughter keeps him busy going to theme parks, Target, Starbucks and swimming.

Project Management

Supv. Project Management

Denise B.

“I am Serious and Don’t Call Me Shirley.”

Project Manager

Jennifer K.

I come from the corporate world with many years of experience in organizational and medical training with lots of project management under my belt. I love working as a team to develop and enhance best work practices. I have always loved working in project management and have a soft spot for animals… so is a perfect match. I have a spoiled, rotten Staffy. He makes an appearance during some of our Teams meetings! My dog owns me, I just pay the bills. In my spare time, I love to travel. When I am not working, you can find me at the beach, on the boat, or on a plane.

Infrastructure Manager

Paul C.

After 25+ years in the telecommunications industry, Paul was introduced to in 2012. As a self-employed telecom technician he became a permanent krewe member in 2016 after 4 years of working together on major client projects. His attention to detail and passion for providing excellent customer service shined through, helping earn him a position within the family!

On-Site & Logistics

Mgr. Logistics

Randy F.

“There can be only one.”

On-site Support Technician

Luis F.

"Cats and gundams are cool 😎"

On-site Support Technician

Ryan C.

Ryan is a fledgling field technician eager to learn everything he can and then some. Coming from a background of customer service and helping his family with their computer problems, Ryan is set out on a mission to make sure our clients needs are met beyond expectation. Outside of work, his hobbies are tinkering with his PC and “modding” consoles, all while tending to his flock of six pet birds.

On-site Support Technician

Cole S.

My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them

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On-site Support Technician

Logan P.

I play the guitar because I like it not because I am good at it.

Project Technician

Thomas S.

Hi, my name is Tom. I'm a hard worker on multiple fronts and when I'm not working I'm usually at the barn with my 2 horses until the sun starts to go down. When I can I go hiking through the marsh like prairie lands I live in and sometimes go kayaking if the weather is nice. I also have 5 cats who are adorable, but they are midnight monsters. I'm an Xbox gamer and I Love movie's (not so much lately because how lazy they seem to be done). I love potato's as the Irishman I am.

Project Technician

Alex H.

A player of many video games, avid sports watcher, and pizza critique. Always learning and always improving.


You are a hospital and need to be treated as such. Big or small, we provide veterinary IT services
including computer support, phone support, printer support, no hassle paperless backup
systems, and whole hospital security. We handle all of your IT needs so you don't have to. That way,
you can focus on your patients, clients, and staff, not your technology.

2003/2004 was founded in 2003 and was quickly recognized for its positive impact on the veterinary industry.

2010 has since then given birth to several other products. In 2010 we re-branded as to cover all of our new veterinary IT services keeping the core of what we do best… great customer service.


In 2016 has undergone important rebranding, making pink our color of choice. The change was received well. Our clients and partners love it.

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Contact our crew with questions, comments or just to have a coffee and Scooby snack with your furry family members.

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