• Disaster Prevention & Recovery Planning

  • Backups – Local & Offsite

  • Server Monitoring

  • Internet Monitoring

  • Proactive Desktop and Server Management

  • Onsite and Remote Support

  • Supplemental IT Solutions

  • IT Ticket Management

  • Terminal Services / Remote Services

  • Server Migrations

  • Server Installations

  • Remote Managed Services

  • Router Security Installation

  • Wireless Secure Networking

  • Microsoft Office Troubleshooting

  • Email Troubleshooting

  • Computer Repair

  • Windows Deployment

  • Software Upgrades

  • Virus / Spyware / Adware / Malware Removal

  • Patch / Firmware Upgrades


Here are just a few of the Veterinary Practice Management Systems that we work with.

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Printer Program

The Printer Program is an all inclusive membership program just like our IT Services Membership. With no upfront costs, you will receive high quality printers with all services included. The only purchase required is toner, with costs as low as 1.9 cents per page.

  • No contract (adding printers or removing printers can be done at any time.)
  • Free Printer (once you are a member of the program, you can choose which printers are needed and how many of each, at no charge.)
  • Life time warranty (As long as you have our printers, we will cover all costs associated with maintaining the printers.)
  • No cost for new printers or installation
  • ONLY purchase is toner
  • Printer and all parts will be replaced for free
  • Certified Printer technicians available for onsite visits within 24 hours
  • Management software installed to monitor levels of toner in printers
  • Biweekly follow up calls for toner inventory and/or questions, concerns, etc.
  • No minimum purchase of toner required, order as needed.
  • High yield toner (Allows for maximum page count per toner cartridge)
  • Worry Free Program (We handle everything)
  • Recurring order set up available

Telephony Program

The Telephony Program is an all inclusive membership program just like our IT Services Membership. With no upfront costs, you will receive a call center quality VOIP phone system custom tailored to your facility. With a low cost per month membership fee, all services are included.

  • Pricing is based per phone, so you only pay for what you need
  • Phone support - both remote and onsite unlimited support with no additional fees
  • Programming changes - any changes you need to make are included with your system
  • Video capable phones - view camera video right from your phone
  • Doorbell integration - add doorbell functionality to view who is at the door - ideal for 24 hour and emergency practices that keep their doors locked
  • International Calling


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Security Cameras

Keep an eye on your facility, even when you aren't there. With the security camera system, you can view your entire hospital right from your computer or smart phone. With the built in microphones and audio recording, you can even utilize your camera system to improve staff customer relations and create training videos.

  • Network Video Recorder (NVR) supports up to 32 cameras
  • HD live view and playback options including audio
  • 4MP dome or bullet camera styles that can include built in microphones
  • Motion Sensor technology
  • Infrared technology up to 100ft
  • Easy to use mobile apps for Android and iOS

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With our veterinary specific specialized staff and vast number of industry resources, can help you build and grow your business. Whether you are a young veterinarian waiting for the ink to dry on your diploma or an established DVM interested in buying or building a practice of your own we can help you with your dreams.

Here are some business items we’re well suited for:

  • A Fresh Start

    If you plan on building a new practice, whether it is renovating an existing location or starting from the ground up, we are here to help. With our network of contacts, as well as our in-house specialists, we will assist you with turning your vision into reality.

  • Looking To The Future

    An existing practice will need to evolve and upgrade infrastructure over time to remain current with new technology and medicine practice techniques. As your veterinary technology concierge, we will have your business goals in mind when making recommendations and help you filter through the sales pitches to ensure you are getting what will work for you.

  • Financial Planning

    Our highly experienced veterinary financial advisors will be able to work with you to put together a strategic plan that will get the most out of your business. Not only will your business thrive, it will be stronger for the pets you care for, the primary reason you pursued the occupation.

  • Practice Management Software

    Practice management software can be challenging at times. From reporting to lab integration to inventory management, our software experts can help you streamline your workflow, train staff on inventory best practices or assist in moving to a paperless/paper-lite practice. If you are looking to make a change in your software, we are available to research and make recommendations on what practice management software will best suit your business needs.

To sum these examples up, here at our team realized the true help needed within this industry. While other companies made the mad dash to pursue IT & Consulting needs in the human medicine arena, we felt that the needs of those who care for forgotten loved ones, like my rescue Saphire, were being left out. So we decided to structure our business model as such that we can help you in every step of the way from build out through maintenance and support all the way to top, retirement!


hospital security


30,000 new malware programs were discovered last year – per day. Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, e.g.) are increasingly targeted. Approximately 1 in 150 websites are compromised. New breeds of infections, such as ransomware and scareware, are on the rise. So how do you protect your and your clients’ sensitive information? Your hospital security is our job.

VetShield is the essential comprehensive security solution for veterinary practices. Using a unique combination of software, hardware, and web-based systems, VetShield keeps your data safe from exploitation through the use of several layers of protection.

Anti-virus and anti-malware programs remove any infections that may currently reside on your system and provide scheduled machine and network scanning. Individually configured security appliances sift through the information entering your practice from the Internet, acting as gatekeepers to prevent malicious code from gaining access to your network. Website blocking – through blacklists, whitelists, individual domains, or categories – ensures that your staff spends their time productively and neither open your network to attack nor unwittingly share sensitive information with the world at large.

  • Web Content

    Cloud-based, award-winning Web content filtering from OpenDNS with more than 50 categories of content. No appliance necessary. Effective against proxies, P2P, Web 2.0, adult and more.

  • Malware Site
    Protection /
    Botnet Protection

    DNS layer security protects the most vulnerable level of your network against the latest threats, including viruses, worms and zero-day vulnerabilities.

  • Whitelist /

    Lets you decide where your users can navigate on your customized Internet. Whitelist-only functionality available.


9vault! is the multi-layered paperless backup solution for protecting your clinic’s important information. Client and patient records, digital imaging, documents, and whatever else you need to get you back up and running after a system failure, natural disaster, or other catastrophe.

Using a customizable system specifically designed for veterinarians, 9vault! offers fully automated local and offsite paperless data backup. No more burning cd’s, no more having to remember to pop in a new tape.

Local and network backups stored in your facility means less downtime when faced with a system failure or accidental deletion of an important file. Our goal is to get you and your staff back into your software in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.


  • monitor

    You store your files and data on your network. Your data is then copied in its original format – no compression, no conversion, no worrying about data corruption. Just your clinic’s vital records, in their original state.

  • monitor

    Your data is backed up to a local collection of hard drives configured in a RAID architecture. RAID arrays allow for fault tolerance, meaning a hard disc failure does not destroy your data, unlike a single-disc backup.

  • monitor

    Your data is also sent offsite to one of several locations around the globe providing protection against unforeseen natural disasters, a concept known as georedundacy. We take our paperless backup seriously, your data is worth it.


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