We handle all of your IT needs so you don't have to. That way, you can focus on your patients, clients and staff, not your technology.
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all inclusive membership program just like our IT Services Membership.
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With no upfront costs, you will receive a call center quality VOIP phone system custom tailored to your facility.
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Keep an eye on your facility, even when you aren't there.
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With our veterinary specific specialized staff and vast number of industry resources, can help you build and grow your business.
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VetShield is the essential comprehensive security solution for veterinary practices.
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Here is just a handful of additional


Internet Monitoring

Patch / Firmware Upgrades

Onsite and Remote Support

Email Troubleshooting & Security

Server Migration & Installations

Computer Repair

Software Upgrades

Router Installation & Security

Virus / Spyware / Adware / Malware Removal


Here are just a few of the Veterinary Practice Management Systems that we work with.


In ancient Greek mythology, Cerberus is the three-headed hound who guards the gates of the Underworld. His fierce loyalty and watchful eyes made him a symbol of unyielding protection, embodying an unbreakable barrier between worlds. 

United under the banner of the Cerberus security suite, Sentry, Keeper, and Shield form a formidable team, ready to stand guard over the family. They embody the strength and vigilance of our commitment to safeguarding your veterinary practice.

In this spirit, our newly branded Cerberus security suite comes to life, pledging allegiance to protect the sanctity of your veterinary hospital with a shield of unparalleled strength and integrity. This legendary guardian has chosen to align with, bringing mythical protection to reality, tailored meticulously for the veterinary animal hospital industry.

We are proud to have Cerberus watch over our community, offering not just security but peace of mind as you continue to provide invaluable services to our furry, feathered, and scaled friends.

Left Head: Sentry

Ever vigilant, "Sentry" stands guard over Virus Protection and Malware Defense, ensuring a rapid response to any signs of threat. With a watchful eye, Sentry identifies and neutralizes risks before they can reach the heart of any system, offering peace of mind and unparalleled security.

Central Head: Keeper

The essence of dependability, "Keeper" is focused on Backups and Business Continuity, ensuring the safety of vital information. Keeper secures data with unfaltering dedication, ensuring continuity and smooth operation in veterinary practices.

Right Head: Shield

With an unyielding resolve, "Shield" takes charge of Network Security, creating an impervious barrier against unauthorized access. Shield stands firmly at the frontline, fortifying digital perimeters with robust defenses that are virtually impenetrable.

Printer Program

The Printer Program is an all-inclusive membership program just like our IT Services Membership. You will receive high quality printers with all services included. The only purchase required is toner*, with costs as low as 1.9 cents per page (shipping fees apply).

Enroll TOday!

No contract

Adding printers or removing printers can be done at any time.

Free Printer 

You can choose up to FOUR printers at no cost. Ability to submit request for additional printers for approval.

Lifetime warranty

As long as you have our printers, we will cover all costs associated with maintaining the printers.

High-Yield Toner

Allows for maximum page count per toner cartridge.

Free Replacement Parts

Printer and all parts will be replaced at no cost to you!

No minimum toner purchase

No minimum purchase of toner required, order as needed.


The Telephony Program is an all inclusive membership program just like our IT Services Membership. You will receive a call center quality VOIP phone system custom tailored to your facility. With a low cost per month membership fee, all services are included.

Only pay for what you need

Pricing is based per phone, so you only pay for what you need

Phone Support

Both remote and onsite unlimited support with no additional fees

Video Capabilities

View camera video right from your phone

Free Programming changes

any changes you need to make are included with your system

Doorbell integration

add doorbell functionality to view who is at the door - ideal for 24 hour and emergency practices that keep their doors locked

International Calling

We have you covered!


Built for durability and high-performance, Verkada’s Dome Series delivers enterprise security in a wide range of models for any indoor or outdoor environment. Dome cameras are unobtrusive, vandal-proof, and simple to install. The new dome generation has up to twice as much onboard storage and a new dedicated computer vision chipset.

No NVRs or DVRs - Store up to 365 days of standard quality footage locally

Up to 4k resolution

AI-Based Video Analytics

10-year Warranty

Live Link Sharing

Person of Interest Alerts


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With our team specializing in veterinary services and a wealth of industry resources, is equipped to support and elevate your business. Whether you're a fresh-faced veterinarian with a newly minted diploma or an experienced DVM keen on establishing or expanding your own practice, we're here to bring your dreams to fruition.

Here are some business items we’re well suited for:

Planning to establish a new practice? Whether it's revamping an existing space or starting afresh, we've got you covered. Leveraging our extensive network and dedicated in-house experts, we're committed to transforming your vision into reality.

In essence, the team recognized the genuine need within the veterinary sector. While many raced to cater to IT & Consulting in human medicine, it appeared those tending to our cherished yet often overlooked companions, like my rescue Saphire, were sidelined. So, we reshaped our business model to be your steadfast ally - from the initial build phase, through maintenance, support, and even as far-reaching as retirement planning.

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Contact our crew with questions, comments or just to have a coffee and Scooby snack with your furry family members.

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