pute.us: The Veterinary IT Digital Safety Net

pute.us: The Veterinary IT Digital Safety Net

Picture a veterinary clinic bustling with activity: pets waiting for check-ups, staff answering calls, and computers filled with vital information. From X-ray images of a cat’s broken bone to the medical history of a senior dog, these computers are crucial for ensuring pets get the best care.

But what happens when one day, a massive storm hits the area, causing a power outage, or a computer virus sneaks into the clinic’s system? Just like a sudden illness in a pet, these unexpected events can halt operations.

That’s where pute.us steps in with a robust solution.

Data Backup

pute.us creates a secure copy of all the clinic’s essential records on your critical workstations and server. Think of this as a backup set of X-rays or a duplicate pet medical record, stored safely away from potential harm.

Accessible Via a Link

The brilliance of pute.us shines when trouble strikes. Instead of sifting through paper records or waiting for systems to be repaired, clinic staff can receive a unique link. Clicking on this link provides access to a virtual copy of the machine, enabling the treatment of pets with no delay.

Preparedness for Emergencies

In the world of veterinary care, emergencies are inevitable, whether they involve pets or technical difficulties. With pute.us, clinics can always access their information, rain or shine, virus or power outage.

Continuous Care

With the ability to retrieve data anytime and anywhere, veterinarians can continue their important work seamlessly. If the main computer crashes, there's no need to reschedule appointments or delay surgeries. Care continues, thanks to the safety net provided by pute.us.

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It's included in your membership!

We saved the most exciting news for the end – when you become a member, you get an outstanding deal. Included in your package is the protection of 5 critical workstations and 1 server (supporting up to 2TB). With this in place, you can set aside all worries regarding the safety of your indispensable data.

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