pute.us: Your On-Call Veterinary IT Concierge

If it runs on electricity, pute.us Managed Services can help

How far does pute.us Veterinary IT go for our clients?

PSIvet asked Jennifer James, pute.us Director of Business Development and Consulting, about the services provided and the dedication of pute.us to perform true concierge IT care. For the full thought-provoking details, Jennifer’s answers feature in the August newsletter of PSIvet Insider. If there was ever a question of how to define what pute.us provides for veterinary practices, this article clarifies the answer: We manage everything attached to electricity,  Veterinary IT concierge on call 24/7.

The answer is yes; what is the question?

When concierge managed services is performed as Veterinary IT support on steroids, even the desktop lamps are not beyond the attention of pute.us.

Ease-of-access to Veterinary IT support is critical for managing issues as soon as they arise and preventing a greater problem. For veterinary practices, it’s as easy as chatting on the pute.us app or submitting a help ticket. An industry-experienced support team saves pute.us clients from the stress of standard IT that doesn’t understand the needs of veterinary-focused technology, software, and client concerns. Even in situations when a pute.us client does not use our phones, our techs can still reach out to the phone provider to find a resolution.

The invaluable pute.us difference

Prompt response time and efficient problem-solving make the difference when quality of pet life, disease prevention, and treatment are involved around an emergency IT situation. pute.us understands that and even as our techs maintain top skills, knowledge, and team strategies, we are always evaluating methods to improve our role in veterinary practice management. From the wiring and groundwork up, pute.us will recommend workstation options based on the true clinic needs, will maintain the services and devices needed to provide exceptional patient care, help prepare for emergency weather or cyberattack situations and navigate the return to normal business after.

Whether a clinic needs to update their holiday hours on their pute.us phone network, arrange to upgrade from POTS, or have a bigger project such as a remodel or entirely new building, pute.us manages special projects to ensure best recommendations in technology and software for our clients. From Jennifer James: “Our goal is always to work with the practice to make things run as smoothly as possible so that you can focus on your patients. […] From an efficiency, ease-of-mind and ease-of-use standpoint, the services are invaluable.”