RMM Change and pute app update!

As many of you already know, technology is forever changing. As your Veterinary IT concierge, it’s extremely important for us to stay on top of these changes and trends. With that in mind, pute.us will be upgrading its remote monitoring and management (RMM) software to better serve you!

What does our RMM software do for all of us?

In short, it allows us to set up flexible patch management, rapid remote access, configure alerts on your drives BEFORE they fail, general system monitoring, custom reporting, and so much more.

Introducing “pute help”!

With this change, we have developed a new application called “pute help”. Although you can always email us at help@putefix.com, the new app will work hand-in-hand with our new RMM system to help feed valuable case information about your machine to better support your needs quicker and more efficiently. Once your case is submitted, you will receive an automated email with your case number. Feel free to reply to that email to add any information to your case.

With the development of this new application, we will be retiring what many have come to know as the “chat feature”. While this feature was intended as another avenue in which to submit a ticket, users would often submit a “hello” ticket and wait by their machine for someone to respond. This single message created a case that just says “hello”. By the time the case details are submitted, responded too, and the issue identified, valuable time has been lost.

Our goal with our new app is to obtain as much possible information upfront so by the time we are reaching out, we aim to already have resolution! Now, we do love our chats and not everyone has the time to pick up a phone and talk to pute.us. Don’t worry! We are still able to initiate a chat with you while we are on your machine. You will get a prompt to accept the chat request and from there we can still chat! We are simply eliminating “chat cases”.

When will this change take effect?

This change will go into effect 2/1/2023. Your pute.us icons will automatically be replaced. For more information on the app, what it looks like, and how to use it, check out our handy pute.us New Ticketing Experience video we uploaded on our YouTube channel! 

As always, we thank you for being a valuable member of the pute.us family. We truly hope you enjoy the new pute.us experience!