I will recommend them to anyone in the veterinary field!


I was first introduced to Pute through Julie Stewart, who is a common colleague of me and Mike. Julie had only suggested that we get started with their printer program to save us money and I had no idea what else they offered. When we set up our first meeting together, both Mike and Jason made the trip from Tampa to Port Orange, which was a 3 hour drive! I was not expecting that and that showed me that they went above and beyond for their clients. Jason and Mike were very patient with me explaining the issues we had with our practice management software and our network in general.

They never once treated me like I was a dumb, non-IT person; they were up front with the issues we had and gave our practice the options of making it better! No other IT company or person was ever up front with us and telling us what the problem really was, but THEY did. Every person that works at Pute that I have dealt with has been professional and understanding! They are always so helpful in explaining step-by-step what to do over the phone since they do a lot of remote work. Beth and Jessica have been awesome too and they laugh with me every time I call because I feel like I call Pute all of the time! They are an amazing company and I will recommend them to anyone in the veterinary field!

Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for us daily!!!