Warning: Clover Payment Processing Tech Support Scam

The Tech Support Scam

Tech Support Scammers are calling various locations and asking for staff to connect them remotely to their payment processing terminals, to fix an issue. Unfortunately, once they are given access, they process a large number of refunds. The processing of these refunds is a way for them to steal money directly from your facility.


Two Things To Know To Avoid a Tech Support Scam:

  1. Legitimate tech companies won’t contact you by phone, email, or text message to tell you there’s a problem with your computer.
  2. Security pop-up warnings from real tech companies will never ask you to call a phone number or click on a link.


What You Can Do

The best defense is prevention:

  • Have your staff read the following article on how to avoid these types of scams:
  • If you are contacted, hang up and call the official phone number of your payment processing company to confirm if they are actually trying to support you.

If you’ve already been affected:

  • Unplug and completely disconnect your payment terminals.
  • Call the official phone number of your payment processing company to report the charges immediately.
  • Contact pute.us, so we can update you on the latest information and provide guidance regarding these types of scams.


Security is always taken seriously at pute.us

pute.us has partnered with Barracuda Networks to better provide Managed Services clients with standardized security that includes Data and Network Backups, Router Security, and monitoring for Patches and Updates. You can read more about Cybersecurity, pute.us, and Your Facility here.

Unfortunately, cybersecurity requires continuous attention on all fronts, and building protective habits can help stack the odds in your favor. Well-known but necessary steps include:

  • Multifactor identification,
  • Keeping software updated,
  • Never opening unknown links,
  • Password protecting all devices, and
  • Never sharing that password or protected information with contacts that cannot be verified.

Barracuda Networks has more helpful tips to encourage good Cyber Hygiene Habits for individuals and organizations.

In the critical moment—is it a legitimate tech support call, or a scammer call—the habit of protecting financial and confidential data provides staff with the tools to reach out instead to a trusted, known source, whether that is the device manufacturer, software provider, or pute.us support. If there is a true technical problem, your veterinary IT concierge support team is here to help@putefix.com.

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